Session at a Glance

Topic Description Estimated Time (In Minutes)
Arrival Activity Students complete learner profile forms to provide instructor with relevant information about their backgrounds, prior knowledge, and expectations from the course. 10
Introductions, Attendance, and Course Goals Instructor introduces him/herself and gives an overview of the course goals and philosophy. 20
Icebreaker: People Bingo Students participate in an icebreaker activity to get to know each other in a fun way and to set the tone for an interactive course. 20
Syllabus and Other Course Essentials Review course syllabus, calendar, and policies. Introduce course reader, textbook, homework expectations, and online course website. 30
Science Activity: Paper-Copters Students participate in a hands-on activity, Paper-copters, to engage them in a playful, open-ended investigation and give them a taste of the participatory hands-on nature of the course. 30
Optional: Video and Discussion Watch a video to spark conversation about curiosity as the basis of scientific investigation. 10
Looking Ahead to Next Session Discuss the homework and reading assignment to be completed before next session. Go over the materials that the students will be responsible for bringing. 10


Student Learning Goals

  • Understand the requirements and expectations of the course.
  • Recognize the importance of experiencing an inquiry-based, hands-on approach to their own learning.
  • Begin to see themselves as part of a community of learners.
Student instructors displaying their paper-copters designs.