For each session, you will find an Instructor Guide, PowerPoint, Course Reader Section, and any necessary printables (such as worksheets for in-class activities). These materials may be used in their entirety or can be adapted to fit each instructor’s needs. Some instructors will follow the curriculum very closely, while others will use it more as a framework. More information is included, rather than less, so that you can blend it with your own ideas, experience, and style. Giving yourself plenty of time to review the session materials ahead of time will let you be more thoughtful about any adaptations you wish to make.


Session 1
  • Introduce course goals, syllabus, calendar, policies etc.
  • Icebreaker; People Bingo
  • Science activity: Paper-Copters
Session 2
  • Math activity: People Sort
  • Discussion Topic: Connecting to early childhood guidelines
  • Discussion Topic: Science Process Skills
  • Science and math focus: Water Exploration
Session 3
  • Math Focus: Sets and Sorting
  • Science Focus: Sink and Float
  • Discussion Topic: The Learning Cycle (Engage/Explore/Reflect)
Session 4
  • Discussion Topic: Constructivism
  • Science Focus: Exploring Rocks
  • Math Focus: Sorting Rocks
  • Discussion Topic: Environment as Teacher/The Classroom Science Area
Session 5
  • Discussion Topic: The Value of Sensory Play
  • Math Focus: Measurement
  • Science Focus: Solids and Liquids
  • Discussion Topic: Questioning Strategies
  • Assign Midterm Project
Session 6
  • Discussion Topic: Developmentally Appropriate Practice
  • Science Focus: Bubbles
  • Discussion Topic: An Integrated Approach to Curriculum
  • Introduce Making Mixtures Group Activity
Session 7
  • Discussion Topic: Constructivist Chemistry
  • Science Focus: Making Mixtures Group Activity and Presentations
Session 8
  • Discussion Topic: Myths About Early Mathematics
  • Math Focus: Number Sense
  • Science Focus: Baking Soda and Vinegar
Session 9
  • Midterm Project Due
  • Science Focus: Air and Wind
  • Discussion Topic: Science and Math within Different Educational Approaches
  • Discussion Topic: Naturalistic, Informal and Structured Learning Experiences
Session 10
  • Math Focus: Counting
  • Discussion Topic: Language and Literacy Development Through Science and Math
  • Discussion Topic: Life Science in Early Childhood
  • Science Focus: Exploring Trees
Session 11
  • Math Focus: Number Operations
  • Discussion Topic: Three Aspects of Science Learning
  • Discussion Topic: An Ecological Perspective
  • Science Focus; Exploring Soil
Session 12
  • Discussion Topic: Strategies to Support Families in Understanding Learning and Development
  • Math Focus: Patterns
  • Science Focus: Discovering Seeds
  • Assign Reflective Essay
Session 13
  • Discussion Topic: Involving Families in Science and Math
  • Math Focus: Data Analysis
  • Science Focus; Investigating Worms
  • Discussion Topic: Life Science and Dramatic Play
Session 14
  • Math Focus: Spatial Relationships
  • Discussion Topic: Engineering in Early Childhood
  • Science Focus: Ball Runs
  • Introduce Structures Group Activity
  • Assign Final Paper
Session 15
  • Discussion Topic: Gender Equity and STEM
  • Math Focus: Shape
  • Science/Engineering Focus: Structures Group Activity
Session 16
  • Discussion Topic: Integrating Art with STEM/Creative Confidence/Growth Mindset
  • STEAM Focus: Invention Center
Session 17
  • Final Paper Due
  • See Instructor Guide for suggestions for last session wrap up

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