Session at a Glance

Topic Description Estimated Time (In Minutes)
Arrival Activity Students view images that can be imagined to be many different things depending on how you interpret them. This exercise emphasizes flexible and innovative thinking and sets the tone for the Invention Center exemplar activity. 5
Welcome, Announcements, and Agenda Give a general overview of the session and any relevant announcements, and provide time for sharing. 5
Discussion: Integrating Art with STEM/Promoting Creative Confidence and a Growth Mindset Students explore the relationship of Art to STEM. They reflect on their self-identity as a creative person and discuss the importance of providing an environment that fosters creativity and a growth mindset in the early childhood classroom. They read a poem and watch a video to deepen their understanding of these ideas. 45
Science (STEAM) Focus: Invention Center Students participate in the exemplar activity: Invention Center. They engage in an open-ended design process to invent imaginative creations. They reflect on how these kinds of creative experiences help children to learn about the properties of materials and how everyday materials can be utilized in innovative ways. 80
Looking Ahead to Next Session Wrap up with reminders about the Final Assignment and any other announcements about the end of the course. 10


Student Learning Goals

  • Appreciate the importance of providing an environment that fosters creativity in the early childhood classroom.
  • Distinguish between growth and fixed mindsets.
  • Synthesize information about STEAM, creative confidence, and mindsets by inventing with different types of materials and tools.
Student instructor uses pipe cleaners and paper cups to construct a creative art piece.